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Body Balm

Body Balm

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Handmade by North Country Fluff chafed, cracked and sore skin. 


Ingredients: Lanolin, Cocos Nuciferal Oil (Coconut Oil), Theobroma Grandifloru (Cupuacu Butter), Tocopherol (Vitamin E). 

⭐️Lanolin: Lanolin is known as wool wax or wool fat. Readily absorbed by the skin, lanolin resembles the skin’s own sebum. It is highly emollient and an effective moisturizer. It has been used for 1,000 years by humans for many purposes. Description: Lanolin is a soft, yellow, waxy substance secreted by the sebaceous glands of sheep. Its purpose is to waterproof and protect wool. Chemically, lanolin is a complex mixture of esters, fatty acids, and alcohols. Lanolin is extracted from raw wool by squeezing mechanically. Crude lanolin makes up between 5-25% of the weight of freshly shorn wool. Lanolin is an excellent moisturizing ingredient, as it emulsifies water on the skin and holds it there; it's cushioning, and plumping effect is noticeable. It is a perfect ingredient for conditioning and protecting the skin. It creates a protective film over the skin, allowing it to function and breathe naturally. Medical grade lanolin is used as an ointment base, as the skin easily absorbs it. It facilitates the delivery of any medicinal ingredient it carries. Lanolin is used in a number of hair treatments for its protective qualities and impressive conditioning effect.

⭐️ Cocos Nuciferal Oil (Coconut Oil): Coconut Oil is extracted from the meat of the coconut. Its linoleic acids might help soothe acne and minimize the chances of future outbreaks. It's an ideal ingredient in products that may be exposed to higher temperatures, such as lips balms or lotions used in the hot summer months. Coconut Oil is revered among personal-care and cosmetic companies as well as soap makers due to its natural emollient, moisturizing, and lathering properties.

⭐️ Theobroma Grandifloru (Cupuacu Butter): Cupuacu butter originates from the Amazon Rainforest in South America. The Cupuacu tree and its delicious chocolaty-smelling fruit are widely used by natives. The fruit falls freely from the trees during the heavy rainy season, and its seeds are cold-pressed to form Cupuacu butter for commercial sale and use throughout the world. The Cupuacu fruit is highly creamy in nature and the butter that is derived by grinding its seeds is full of antioxidants and vitamins that work wonders for the hair, skin, and body. Its high phytosterol content helps treat damaged and dry skin by enhancing collagen production. Cupuacu butter also stabilizes emulsions and is known as a vegan alternative to beeswax in DIY beauty products.

⭐️ Tocopherol (Vitamin E): Tocopherol further protects the skin from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. This ingredient is added to a wide variety of products such as sunscreens and moisturizers, makeup products, hair styling products, etc. Tocopherol is also a preservative preventing the products from going bad.

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